U of Michigan 2008 Solar Challenge (video)

June 24, 2011 Update: Happy Retirement!!! U of Michigan’s Continuum’s New Home in Retirement


michigan arrives by DArcy Norman

Michigan team crossing finish line (photo by D'Arcy Norman)

Please take a look of what I previously posted (including photos) about the University of Michigan solar car team in this blog entry here.

Thanks to the excellent suggestions of two Michigan families (the Cramers and another family which unfortunately I forgot their last name), I asked for and was granted public interviews (I believe these interviews were the only ones done by the media) with Chito Garcia (long time advisor and mentor) and Chuck Hutchins (long time sponsor of the team, see Chuck’s MDSI bio here). After talking to the families and then to Chito and Chuck, I truly believe Chito’s and Chuck’s long-term involvement in the solar car challenge have definitely played a very important role in the success of the team.

As it was said in this blog entry by the Michigan team as an example, “Chito Garcia, our long time advisor and mentor, has developed many of these Australian relationships over his 15 years of racing with the Team.” Quoting from the sponsors page, “Accompanying the Team on every race since the running of Maize and Blue in 1993, Chuck [Hutchins] has maintained cultural and technical continuity […] Chuck’s experience as an engineer (BSE MEAM ’57) and as an entrepreneur (co-founder of Manufacturing Data Systems Inc.) have proved priceless in the development of our 2007 vehicle, Continuum.”

I hope you enjoy and learn something from the following video. I certainly learned a lot from the Michigan team and families and thanks for being very friendly and nice.

See more general coverage of the solar challenge with video here.

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