Making a splash at Bowness Park

Rooster tail after a Supervee 27 brushless boat

Rooster tail after a Supervee 27 Brushless boat

My better half and I went off to some canoeing at the beautiful Bowness Park and luckily saw Phil Donnelly having some serious fun with his Supervee 27 Brushless remote control racing boat. So I took out my digital camera and did a little interview and Phil gave me a demo (see Google video). The footage are really spectacular. Real cool. (Spoiler alert: Even the crashes look spectacular.) Enjoy.

Phil Donnelly showing his Supervee 27 Brushless at Bowness Park, Calgary, Canada

P.S. Phil has done a few upgrades to the boat as well. By the way, if you like to check out the gears (remote control boats, cars, etc.), Phil asked me to mention he gets his stuff from HobbyGuys. (Hmmm, this sounds like a HobbyGuys’ ad. (smile) Phil, I hope HG gives you a discount or something next time you shop there. (big smile))

P.P.S. Aren’t the crashes spectacular? And the boat at top speed was just beautiful! According to Phil, they have races every Sunday at 9am-ish. Phil, do you know where can people find more info about these races? Is a web page about the Bowness races or something?

2 Responses to Making a splash at Bowness Park

  1. James Ferguson says:

    Phil That is right off the hook buddie you have that superV dialed in very nice I think it is awsome that people are still doing this way too cool.
    I have not done that in so long been almost 10 years now Glad to see you are premoteing the sport Excellent!!!
    take care Jim F.

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