Reimagining the Wheels – Printelligence by Preo Software

Preo Printelligence

Preo Printelligence

Few weeks ago I ran into a friend and former MBA classmate that I haven’t seen for a few years. Randy ended up telling me a little about Preo Software, a web-based print management system software company that he is now involved with. From our brief chat and a quick look at their website, looks like they are doing something cool in helping companies being green and cutting their print costs. Here is an excerpt from their overview (emphasis added),

Printelligence™ by Preo Software complements this newfound interest by enabling green initiatives, cost control and cost recovery at the end-user’s desktop. Printelligence™ measures the true cost of print for every organizational unit (including end-users), on every device, and provides deep insight into organizational and individual behavior, by measuring the usage of print features and capabilities, such as color, duplexing and N-up imposition.

The system turns all this measurement into actionable knowledge, through a unique adaptive rules engine that implements the organization’s print management policies at the point of print decision-making – every time an end-user prints a document. If a job “breaks” the rules, the system presents advice and alternatives to the end-user. Unique to Printelligence™ is its ability to adapt its responses to individual behavior over time, so messaging stays fresh and appropriate.

Printing, in a supposedly paperless society, is getting so out of hands these days. So it is fitting to see a good solution is possible. Now, I admit I am a bit biased in this case as I know Randy personally. (big smile) But I think it is fair to say the fact (see Preo’s home page) that their software has been recognized by Gartner as Best Software Solution in its 2007 Print & Imaging Summit is certainly an indication of how good their software must have been. So it is nice to have Preo Software’s Printelligence featured in the Reimagining the Wheels series.

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