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My dog-eared copy of Sketching User Experiences featured on Bill Buxton\'s siteBill\'s personal message and autograph

I have been a reader and fan of Bill Buxton‘s ideas for some years. You see, I actually started my “Great minds of our time” series with Bill as the first subject in 2006. Therefore I was so thrilled and surprised to hear that Bill actually read my blog (yes, this blog) when I met him after his keynote at nextMEDIA 2008. And knowing he had read my blog (may be a few times or more?), I appreciated even more when he was so kind in autographing my copy of his book and leaving me these words.


I hope this helps you change the world by design!

Bill :)

All right, enough about how much a Bill Buxton fan I am. :)

Now, sometimes during my researches on things and fact checking, I get lucky and find something new and unexpected. The following are some unexpected bonus videos I found.

Bill was speaking at CHI2008 where he received a lifetime achievement award. (See a wonderful report of Bill’s CHI2008 keynote. By the way, too bad I couldn’t find a video of the keynote where I can watch first hand.)

Designers’ relationship with other experts (CHI2008) – Hmm, interesting comment and insight at 2:47

Bill Buxton on design experiences (CHI2008)

Bill Buxton on designing in Technology (CHI2008)

As a wonderful bonus, here is Bill’s 90 minutes long presentation “Sketching and Experience Design” at Stanford University.

P.S. In Bill’s Standford talk, he stated his admiration of Scott Jenson. And Scott’s book, according to Bill is “the best simple book on user interface design that I’ve ever read“, is The Simplicity Shift“, which Scott has generously made available for free download as a PDF file alongside his other cool downloads.

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  1. Jin says:

    Hey Kempton,

    Nice post about design and user experience. Nice book, yellowstickies and autograph…did Bill sketch that out first? :-)



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