Hockey Night in Canada theme – Can money buy Love & Loyalty?

As a proponent of Kevin Roberts‘ idea of Lovemarks (as a replacement of the “out of juice” brands, see here and here), I appreciate the key ingredients of mystery, sensuality, and intimacy. And if the concept of Lovemarks is to hold any water, I will argue that Hockey Night in Canada theme definitely qualifies as a lovemark.

Now, Scott Moore, executive director of CBC Sports, thinks that a $100,000 contest, some judging by a celebrity panel, and then voting by hockey fans will be enough to buy the love and loyalty of the hockey fans for the new theme slowly but surely. For me, I am not so sure. I think love and loyalty has a more enduring quality that can’t be built quickly in a few weeks and $100,000.

It will be interesting to observe the whole process from now till 11th October, 2008 when the new CBC Hockey theme is to be aired. At the same time, I will also be paying very close attention as to how CTV is going to utilize the Hockey Night in Canada theme. I for one will try to find a few hockey games to watch on CTV just so I can listen to the familiar theme as it has not failed to put a smile on my face (any rendition of it). And my friend, this is loyalty beyond reason. I don’t even know how good is their commentary and I will still watch. :)

Of course, if CTV is any smart (and I always assume someone is smart until they prove otherwise), they will have a wonderful package (good commentary, good selection of games, etc) and not just counting on the wow effect to keep the initial curious audiences. Thinking about it, I have to thank CBC (for giving up the theme so easily) and CTV (for paying the millions) so that we can all learn an important lessons at the expense of one of these broadcasters (reputations and money). Now, I hope you enjoy the following song.

Can money buy Love? (aka, “Can’t Buy Me Love”)

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