My wish on this Father’s Day

Dad, happy Father’s Day. Wishing you many wonderful Father’s Days to come. At the same time, I also wish you will quit smoking. :) (as we know smoking causes cancer)

On this Father’s Day, tears fill my eyes a little. As I know that prof. Randy Pauch is savouring today as this may be his last Father’s Day. And very sadly, Tim Russert (a loving son and great father (on top of being a great journalist)) passed away suddenly last Friday and missed this Father’s Day by two days.

Dad, will you stop smoking please?

If I have treated people from all walks of lives and circumstances with respect, it is a result of your great examples. I have worked hard and diligently as a result of the examples you set. I am curious and love to check things out because of your desire to find out more and ask questions. And I enjoy very much talking about the work you’ve done and how you did them.

Dad, I still have so much to learn from you. So will you stop smoking please?

To conclude this posting on a positive note, I want to leave this thought to my friends who recently (in the last few months or a year or two) became dad — live your lives as best as you can as your sons and daughters are watching how you live your lives closely and learning from you where you intended them to or not.

I suspect people like Randy Pauch, Tim Russert, Richard Feynman, Warren Buffett, Stephen N. S. Cheung, and Li Ka-shing are equally proud of their professional accomplishments and being good fathers to their children.

Finally, one advice to you. If your babies can’t sleep at night, try not to drive them around town to put them to sleep as they may love it and learn to rely on these drives (as my dad learned it the hard way from me). (Big smile)

Dad, I love you.

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