NBC newsman Tim Russert dies at 58

I am deeply saddened with the sudden lost of Tim Russert. On top of his wonderful work as the host of NBC’s Meet the Press, I will always remember him as a great son and father (see his Big Russ and Me). His love of his hard working father and love of his recently graduated son will always stay with me. So his sudden passing, two days before Father’s Day, makes it even harder to take.

My heart goes out to Tim’s family, in particular his wife (Maureen), his beloved father (Big Russ, who Tim had to help put into an assisted living home days ago) and his recently graduated son (Luke).

Rest in peace Tim.


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  1. […] And very sadly, Tim Russert (a loving son and great father (on top of being a great journalist)) passed away suddenly last Friday and missed this Father’s Day by two […]

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