Tales of a Chinese Purchaser, Episode 10 (買手的故事, 第10集)

In episode 10, we continue the case discussion started in episode 9.

  • The unexpected impact of US headquarter picking the lower-end (cheaper) supplier (美國總部要採用低檔廉價供應商出乎意料的影響)
  • The high expectation of lower-end (cheaper) supplier (對低檔廉價供應商過高的期望)
  • Asking the suppliers to explain how the prices for the quotes were derived (要求兩個供應商解釋如何報價)
  • Finding out how the lower-end supplier under priced the quote (找出低檔廉價供應商報價太低的原因)
  • Finding out how the high-end supplier over priced the quote (找出高檔供應商報價太高的原因)’
  • Asking the two suppliers to provide engineering samples (要求兩個供應商提供工程樣本)

You can click here to listen to episode 10 of the program in mp3 (or you can download or stream the program here).


Program Info:

My friend Simon has worked as a Hong Kong-based purchaser for over 30 years before his retirement. Simon has agreed to record a series of Chinese audio shows/podcasts call Tales of a Chinese Purchaser 買手的故事 to share his years of experiences and insights in purchasing and working with Chinese factories.

(Note: This program has been recorded in the Cantonese dialect.)

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