“Lust, Caution” actress Tang banned in China

No one knows for sure if it was the sex scenes in Lust, Caution or being “unpatriotic” (to play someone “beautifying” those who had collaborated with the enemies in war) that caused actress Tang Wei to be banned in China (see news reports here, here, here, and here). What we know is the devastating effect of being deemed a “non-person” by China’s state censor (emphasis added),

An order also went out banning any promotion of the actress, and newspaper websites were told to remove stories mentioning her. Websites also took down discussions of the ban, while attempts to search for her name on Google News were also blocked.

Here is a trailer of Lust, Caution.

We in Canada shouldn’t be so smug as the Harper government is also trying to use Bill C-10 to censor artists’ creative freedom.

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