Tales of a Chinese Purchaser, Episode 6 (買手的故事, 第6集)

In episode 6, we talk about

  • How to handle new product — Case: Alloy case for motor of garage door opener (如何處理好新產品 — 案例:車房門電動馬達的合金金屬外殼)
  • The technical challenges of using a new motor (用新電動馬達技術上的挑戰)
  • Economic benefit of sourcing this particular motor in China (在中國購買這電動馬達的經濟利益)

You can click here to listen to episode 6 of the program in mp3 (or you can download or stream the program here).


Program Info:

My friend Simon has worked as a Hong Kong-based purchaser for over 30 years before his retirement. Simon has agreed to record a series of Chinese audio shows/podcasts call Tales of a Chinese Purchaser 買手的故事 to share his years of experiences and insights in purchasing and working with Chinese factories.

(Note: This program has been recorded in the Cantonese dialect.)


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