Louise Arbour – Thanks and welcome home

After having a lengthy back and forth discussion with a reader about my last post about Louise Arbour, I am so glad to have found this great audio interview (27:17 minutes mp3 file) of Louise Arbour by CBC’s Carol Off (author of a wonderful book about Arbour). Watch the TV edited video interview, also by Carol, here. Here is the CBC program intro,

In June, Louise Arbour will come to the end of her term as the U.N.’s High Commissioner of Human Rights. Carol sits down with Ms. Arbour to talk to her about her remarkable career and some human rights concerns around the world.

This may seem a small thing but I think it also shows how small minded the Canadian government seems to be (have a listen to the interview Q&A from 23:22). While I admire the US Ambassador to UN, John Bolton, in showing some common courtesy when the news of the UNHCHR is leaving was announced, I am actually ashamed of how my small-minded government has disrespected the UNHCHR. (at ~24:15 of the interview).

June 3rd, 2015 Update: Update above mp3 file with a version from internet archive as it is no longer available from CBC.


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