Bill Gates’ Daughter – chain mail hoax

Not Bill Gates’ Daughter

Feb 14, 2021 update: I first wrote this post about the hoax re Jennifer K. Gates on 2008/03/20, and now almost 13 years later when Jenn herself has long been an adult (“Jenn, She/Hers, 24 ✨ Medical Student”), I’m adding an Instagram post linked by an CNN report “Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer jokes about conspiracy theory after getting Covid-19 vaccine” that is kinda funny after I read her IG post which I quote, “PPS sadly the vaccine did NOT implant my genius father into my brain – if only mRNA had that power…..! 😜” (from her IG account) which I link here so we finally have a pix of Jenn (behind a mask!)! And yes, I do update my old posts semi-occasionally, like this one 13 years later!

April 18, 2014 update: Have a read of this March 2012 Daily Mail article to see Gates’ eldest daughter Jennifer in a horse riding competition. Also have a watch of this 2014 Vancouver TED talk with Bill and Melinda Gates (which I think they show photos of all three of their kids).


Do you think this young lady is Bill Gates‘ daughter? Many people seemed to think so and the photo has been forwarded around the internet via emails and posted on blogs. This is purely a time-wasting thing and I am betting a shiny dollar that it is a hoax.

First of all, Gates’ eldest daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates is not quite 12 years old yet (born in 1996). (Note: see bottom of this Taiwan MSFT page, interestingly the US site has no such info.) And according to this blogger, the charming lady in the above photo is the actress Alyson Stoner and the photos in her official site do show some resemblance.

I think the photos have been forwarded because Bill Gates is rich, the girl is cute, and the act of forwarding the picture seems so harmless.

May be I am too allergic to chain emails and internet hoaxes, I think the act of forwarding chain mails is harmful as it waste our time, spread lies, and teaches us to be very uncritical of things we read, believe, and then pass on. And in this case, a hoax that involves a 12 years old child just seem so wrong, regardless of who the child’s parents are.

The one “possible” side benefit, assuming the lady in the photo is indeed an actress, is that her agent may now have a slightly easier job in getting her new acting assignments as her face is now more familiar with thousands and thousands of people. Even that, if the girl is indeed Alyson, I wonder how she feels about all these misguided attentions?

17 Responses to Bill Gates’ Daughter – chain mail hoax

  1. John says:

    It’s not Alyson

  2. kempton says:

    Hi John (or other readers),

    Have you seen the original use of the above photo? Can you provide a link and do you know who this lady is?


  3. Yogesh says:

    She is very Cute what she studied

  4. Sagar says:

    She is Rachel Leigh Cook, an American actress

  5. kempton says:

    Thanks, Rachel Leigh Cook does look like the girl in the phone but I can’t be sure.

    P.S. Here are links to a tribute video to Rachael on YouTube and her on CBS Late Late show.

  6. empeefree says:

    it looks more like rachel leigh cook

  7. That is convincing enough. This girl is definitely cute and has got some resemblence with Bill Gates. Maybe that might have ignited some crazy brains to make all this stuff. I had recieved this pic in my email too

  8. kempton says:

    Ha ha, she is certainly cute while I am not sure about the resemblence with Bill Gates. :)

  9. Janaki says:

    Ha ha.. months b4 i too got this that time i had checked through google search and found out the truth..Yeah thn i got the info as u mentioned :) Have u ever seen the photo of Gates’ daughter.Anyway wat u did is really appreciable .

  10. kempton says:

    Thanks for your kind words, I hate chain mail so I thought I might as well post what I found.

    P.S. I don’t think there are any public photos of Gates’ kids available online for safety and security reason.

  11. waquas says:

    see……… all of you ……. all the guesses r wrong she is niether bill’s daught. nor racheal and also not any other actress.
    i also dont know who is she……
    but i can certainely tell u she cant be a actress.

  12. kempton says:

    Now, how can you be sure she is not an actress when you don’t know who she is?

    Anyway, enough time wasted on her. :)

  13. Anusha says:


    That’s exactly what I was thinking. The girl in the picture hardly looks like a 12 year old :o
    I wonder why people send such chain emails and pass on without thinking twice.

  14. kempton says:

    It just sadly showed how uncritical people have become when they forward things along.

  15. Tony says:

    its Rachel Leigh Cook alright!!! i am definite

  16. kempton says:

    Thanks Tony for your comments and links. The girl in the picture do look like the one in the links you sent but I can’t be as sure as you.

    Now, thinking about it, this chain mail hoax is STILL wasting your time and my time. May be it is about time I close off the comment for this blog entry and stop us wasting more time.

    Well, I’ve posted this entry for five months now, And five months of time wasting is enough for me. I am closing off the comment for this entry.

    I hope everyone that reads this blog posting will think more carefully before forwarding emails because if we are each individually more careful, we won’t become part of a hoax that continues to waste people’s time long after it started.

    Thanks for reading.

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