Top Ten List of Steven Cheung Chinese articles

Just or fun, I looked at nine of Steven Cheung’s earlier books (in Simplified Chinese) and picked my “top ten” favourite articles. I wonder if my fellow free lunchers would like to join me and share their favourites?

  1. 卖桔者言
  2. 私产可养鱼千里
  3. 灯塔的故事 & 高斯的灯塔
  4. 思考的方法(上), (中), (下)
  5. 没有兄弟姊妹的社会
  6. 给女儿上的一课——也是女儿给我上的一课
  7. 赵紫阳与佛利民的对话 & 假若赵紫阳是个独裁者
  8. 艾智仁 & 赫舒拉发 & 我所知道的高斯 & 老师普纳
  9. 最佳、最劣、最受欢迎的教授
  10. 初遇佛利民 & 再遇佛利民 & 佛利民与二十世纪

P.S. OK, I’ve cheated by grouping a few links into one pick. And some of those picks are actually multi-parts articles up to 7 parts like the Coase one. (smile)


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