Julie Payette – The sky is not the limit !

Julie Payette was my Teaching Assistant in my Computer Science CSC258 class at University of Toronto. So I am very excited to hear that she will be one of two Canadian astronauts to visit space station in 2009. (note: I found this YouTube video clip).

Few years ago I got in touch with Julie via the Canadian Space Agency telling her how I remembered her when we were at UofT. And she was very nice in sending me the two autographed pictures (see above) which I’ve hung proudly on my wall.

P.S. I remember Julie as charming and cute but she was quite strict and stern as a TA too! And she even gave me an impromptu French test when I wore a sweater with the word “monsieur” embroidered in the middle of the chest area. I was lucky that I haven’t totally forgotten what “monsieur” means from the months of Alliance Française classes I took in Hong Kong.

P.P.S. Here is a YouTube clip of a NASA Q&A with Julie Payette.

Sept 16, 2011 update: CBC News: “Astronaut Julie Payette, VANOC’s Furlong among Order of Canada recipients

Jan 8, 2017 update: CBC Witness (1993) “Space For Four (1993)

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