Change The World – a small secret

Many people

have changed the world

and many are

trying to change the world.

I know I am changing the world positively.


Here is a small secret.

Just aim low! (smile)

By aiming low, and

keep on changing the world positively

one small step at a time,

it will add up eventually.

If not, heck, you’ve given your best shot!

P.S. To borrow from my friend, well, this is my brand of poison. I have no guarantee that my poison will work well but I think it should be fun trying to change the world for the better. Don’t you think?

P.P.S. I am not being modest (nor trying to brag) but I do see my involvements and work in

  1. Starting and help organizing all five DemoCamps in Calgary from camp 1, camp 2 all the way to camp 5 (click on these links to see demo videos at DemoCamps, tech gatherings),
  2. Help launching a successful first BarCamp in Calgary (a tech conference),
  3. Playing a small role in Fair Copyright in Canada (36,638 Facebook members strong currently) (for more: see my two reports here and here), and
  4. Trying to bring the Darfur/Darfur multi-media project to Calgary to shine a spotlight on the genocide in Darfur. [Update: In March 2008, the Darfur/Darfur project came to Calgary. See my blog entries about the exhibit here, here, here and here (include a video interview of Photographer Ryan Spencer Reed).]

as small steps that someone else could also have taken. But what I did do was spending the time and taking the initiatives in getting myself deeply involved in all of these endeavours and doing my best in them. I guess I took those small steps instead of waiting for someone else.

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