Craig’s Boxing Day Classic (25th anniversary, 1983 – 2007) post-game party

I didn’t realize then but I know now that this year is Bill Craig‘s 25th and last year of organizing the Craig’s Boxing Day Classic.

Here is a video of my chat with Bill about how he felt after the 25th anniversary game (click to view in larger window or to download),

Here is a group photo of the gathered friends and families (click to view larger photos and to download)

Here is a video of the group cheering,

I really enjoyed Connie’s, Bill’s lovely wife, wonderful food and the many people that I got around to meet and chatted with. In particular, I had a wonderful time chatting with Bill and Bob. And a great time talking Bill’s young grandson Brennin (studying electrical engineering at U of Alberta).

If I may venture to guess, I think one of the secret of the success of Craig’s Boxing Day Classic is that it truly build life long friendships between many of the players and their families and friends.

I really enjoyed the open friendship and warm hearts offered me by Bill and Connie Craig. And, in return, I tried, in my small way, to help and guide their grandson Brennin as he expressed interest in a few technologies related matters that I do know a little. So I helped and also suggested an upcoming technology unconference in Edmonton that he might be interested to attend/participate.

Ultimately, the only magic or not so magic ingredient for life long friendships is simply a lot time and an opportunity. And for the last 25 years, Bill and Connie Craig have offered the wonderful and magically opportunities for people to build life long friendships. Judging from the great attendance today, it was a true testament to the love expressed by whose lives were touched by the generous Bill and Connie. Thank you both.

I now would like to quote Karen Craig (daughter of Bill and Connie) to end this blog entry,

Over the years, after the game, Mom and Dad could have 60 people or more coming and going from the house on Boxing Day. It has turned into a huge buffet lunch, all beverages are on the house. This “open house” lasts all day and into the evening … what a great time.

What a great time indeed! Now, I wrote this series of blog entries to share the wonderful stories of 25 years of Craig’s Boxing Day Classic. And at the same time try to inspire people to start their own “new tradition“. As I’ve said already,

Life long friendships are built with time and an opportunity. So what are you waiting for?

P.S. As I mentioned already. Bob & Vivien Jonathan will be taking over the Boxing Day Classic tradition in 2008. If I am in Calgary on Boxing Day 2008, I already know where I will be and I am looking forward to the fun next year.


3 Responses to Craig’s Boxing Day Classic (25th anniversary, 1983 – 2007) post-game party

  1. Angel-a says:

    What a pary you got yourelf invited!

    I could play some Hocky, too. Floor hocky, that is ;)

  2. kempton says:

    Yeah Angela, that was a great party that Bill and Connie invited me to.


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