My Love of Law and Economics

I forgot how I got myself interested in law but it probably started in the late 80s as a result of being exposed to Law and Economics as a combined discipline. Reading the ideas of Ronald Coase and Steven N. S. Cheung for over 20 years have probably shaped my thinking in law and economics more than I realize.

Prof. Cheung like to say he never prepare for his speeches about topics related to Economics because he has been thinking about Economics day and night for 40+ years, so “preparing” is not going to get him more prepared than he already was.

Now, if you ask me what exactly did I learn from Coase and Chueng, I probably won’t be able to tell you precisely what. But then I have been reading and thinking about some of these law and economics related topics, day in day out for over 20 years, so I bet if you look at my thinking and how I analyze a problem or an issue, you may see hints of the thinking of Coase and Cheung. Plus I do have this personally inscribed poster to “prove” my claim of influence since I bought it in 2000 and scribbled on it. (see bottom right of poster) (big proud smile)


Also, out of personal curiosity, I have taken courses since early 90s in Business Law (taught by a practicing lawyer), Intellectual Property Rights (taught by a in-house IP expert), and also a course in Trademarks and Patents issues (taught by a practicing lawyer/Trademark and Patent agent).

While my better half is a practicing lawyer (as she said, “the boring type”), I am the one that actually enjoy reading Supreme Court of Canada decisions for fun from time to time (e.g. interesting cases like Harvard mouse, Barbie, and the famous/infamous “bonnet and crinolines” case where Supreme Court Justice L’Heureux‑Dubé gave a serious legal lecture to Court of Appeal Judge McClung).

Finally, if you conclude that I know a lot about Law and Economics, then I thank you for your kind but possibly misguided thoughts. What I can claim and hope you will take away is my sense of love of Law and Economics. Plus may be the feeling that I do read a lot “useless” stuff. (smile)


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