When High Tech solution “failed” – EnCana webcast


I’ve set my alarm clock early this morning so I can listen to the EnCana to webcast 2008 Outlook Meeting. Unfortunately for me, the only way to listen to the webcast was through a Windows-based technology that failed to work on my Mac.

It is great that companies are providing new technological solutions for people to access company information in a timely and cost-effective manner. But what I do have problem is when the solution provided just failed to work for people. And when the failure occurred in the case of Encana’s webcast this morning, I scrambled to find if there is an alternative solution to the problem. I looked hard but failed to find a phone number that I can call to listen to the 2008 Outlook meeting. There was no phone number provide in the EnCana’s press release.

It is my believe that, as a NYSE traded public company, EnCana has the duty to comply with SEC’s Regulation Fair Disclosure, which mandates all publicly traded companies must disclose material information to all investors at the same time.

I think EnCana should promptly review and improve upon its process of releasing public information in a fashion that all investors can access to material information at the same time. If EnCana is not able to provide a fully workable web-based solution that complies with Regulation FD, I suggest EnCana supplement it with a 1-800 phone number for investors to access to material information using the regular phone line as an alternative backup solution.

I have filed a SEC investor complaint (which was relatively easy to complete). I am trying to get in touch with EnCana and I hope to get an update from SEC or EnCana before the holidays. Will see.


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