ParkPlus – A Revolution in Parking for Calgary?

I’ve written a few too many blogs about political related stuff in this blog space in the last few days. So here is an older one that I had been thinking about writing for ages. I am posting it here for you to read something different and may be closer to the things I usually write about (some technologies, some business, and a bunch of other things all in one post). Hope you enjoy it.


I have wanted to write about Calgary’s new parking system ParkPlus for weeks now but never got around to. So let me share with you my plans of what to write about and may be you can provide some ideas and even research materials,

  1. The technologies used (I found a few interesting US patents here on the technologies developed)
  2. The Laws (the Calgary city parking by-laws should have been updated for this new system, did they do a good enough job?)
  3. The Economics implication (I am interested in exploring the “Rational Crime of Parking“, something Nobel Economist Gary Becker and I have in common. (big smile))

Here is a video of ParkPlus in action! Enjoy.

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