Fair Copyright for Canada rally in Calgary – Report 1 – (uploaded:photos, videos, To-do-next: my report)

Dec 10th Update: Here is part 2 of the report with extensive content and links to videos of minister Prentice and his aide chatting with the crowd and media.


I would like to make a few quick comments now and then I will start working on my report after dinner. Thanks everyone for coming.

  1. OK, now I have got all the pictures and most videos uploaded (few larger videos are still being processed), I plan to write a somewhat long and detailed account of my personal experience, views and takes of the group’s meeting with Minister Jim Prentice this afternoon. As I suggested this afternoon, please share your own experience in blogs or the comments section in Prof. Michael Geist’s blog entry, or in the moderated comment section here.
  2. My photos of Fair Copyright for Canada rally in Calgary (These photos are actually taken with my camera by Trevor Doerksen, so thanks a lot Trevor for your help.)
  3. Everyone’s photos of Fair Copyright for Canada rally in Calgary (Flickr photos tagged by everyone using the tag FairCopyrightForCanadaCalgaryEvent)
  4. Videos questions from concerned Calgarians and Edmontonians about the soon-to-be-tabled Copyright Bill
  5. If you’ve taken photos or videos at the event, please add your materials to the comment section here please.

7 Responses to Fair Copyright for Canada rally in Calgary – Report 1 – (uploaded:photos, videos, To-do-next: my report)

  1. kempton says:

    Hi Mike,

    It was truly my pleasure to be there with everyone.

    Thanks a lot for your support and your photos. I think I saw your photos on the first day. Great stuff.


  2. Ralph says:

    I would like to watch those videos. Is there any chance you will post them in some reasonable format? The unreasonable license on Adobe Flash keeps me from installing it. Ogg Theora would be ideal, but mp4, mpg, or avi would be fine. Linux has good codecs for those.

  3. kempton says:

    Hi Ralph,

    Couple of points. First, all my Google videos are downloadable in mp4 format. And I think YouTube videos can be downloaded and converted, and from the sounds of it, you are very technical and should be able to do them.

    Hope this help.


  4. This is fantastic that we have so many of us concerned and some of us willing to make the trek to rally physically. I thank those who attended the rally and kempton for making things happen. This is an extremely important issue – and since the government of today appears to do most of its thinking by following U.S. intentions, we have to insert some Canadian thought into this issue on behalf of the Canadian people.

  5. kempton says:

    Thanks for writing Michael.

    With the delay of the bill, lets keep up our pressure of the government and try to get them consult with Canadians first before going down a misguided path of an ill-advised bill.


  6. […] as part of the reason the copyright bill was withheld. (see my Dec comment on the delay and rally report 1 and report […]

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