Architect of DMCA reflects on its failures

Bruce Lehman, US Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks under the Clinton administration, helped draft the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and can be considered as one of the architects of the DMCA, reflects on the DMCA’s failures in this insightful Google Video “Digital Dystopia at McGill” (video will start at ~11:00 in where he speaks)(click to view in larger window).

I hope Industry Minister Jim Prentice will have a chance to watch this video before it is too late as I suspect Minister Prentice may want to learn from the failures and mistakes of the US DMCA as told by one of its original architects.

It will be rather unfortunate if the minister Prentice’s record is tainted by a hated copyright bill if the bill does get passed and become a disastrous piece of hated legislation ten years down the road.

Of course, minister Prentice may enjoy giving lectures and reflecting on failures like Mr. Bruce Lehman. On this note, I admire Mr. Lehman integrity very much for his openness in sharing his lessons learned. To me, only a wise and insightful man/woman will be so willing in sharing his/her mistakes so openly in hope of others learning from these mistakes and regrets.

I just hope Minister Prentice will take the leadership role and start listening to concerned citizens across Canada. Judging by Prof. Michael Geist’s “Fair Copyright for CanadaFacebook group membership growth and speed (at 9,208 members at 9:20 MST, Dec 8th), Canadians definitely have strong desires to be heard in this matter. Lets hope the Minister is willing to listen before election time.

[via CBC Radio “Search Engine” program]

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