Wikipedia is now compatible with Creative Commons

Jimmy Wales at San Francisco iSummit party announced : the Wikimedia Foundation board voted to approve a deal beetween the FSF and CC and Wikimedia. We’re going to change the GFDL in such a way that Wikipedia will be able to become licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (general info).

Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) and Larry Lessig (Creative Commons) are two of the people I say have changed the world.


3 Responses to Wikipedia is now compatible with Creative Commons

  1. Jin says:

    Hi Kempton,

    Could you explain in layman’s term what this means? (e.g. what is it people can do with this license vs. what they cannot do today?)



  2. kempton says:

    Hi Jin,

    I am no lawyer and I may not have all the facts. But I think in layman’s term, Wikipedia is changing its licensing framework from “Free Software Foundation” style legal licensing (read more for details) to Creative Commons‘ style and format (which is more and more widely used and easier to read and understand (at least the human readable version as oppose to the lawyer version)).

    Sorry for being confusing. Do it make it any clearer Jin?


  3. Jin says:

    Well, Kempton, it’s a little bit clearer but legal-speak is no fun :-)

    So out of curiosity, I skimmed through GFDL and CC. CC seems to give author more choices, but that may mean something won’t be “free” to use. GFDL always gives one “freedom” to use, though not necessarily zero cost. I think britanica is catching up, and I would hate to see “pay me $10” if you want to read about X on wikipedia, since item X is under CC, type 123, claus 456 license :-)

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