Murdoch freeing Wall Street Journal Online (soon)

Quoting WSJ (emphasis mine),

News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch said yesterday he expects to make The Wall Street Journal’s online edition free, a move he believes will significantly boost user numbers and advertising revenue.

“We are studying it and we expect to make that free, and instead of having one million [subscribers], having at least 10 million to 15 million in every corner of the earth, keeping up-to-date minute by minute with all business and economic news from around the world,” Mr. Murdoch told Australian shareholders at a meeting in Adelaide.

Jeff Jarvis made some insightful comment here where I originally read about this story.


2 Responses to Murdoch freeing Wall Street Journal Online (soon)

  1. angela says:

    This such a great news!
    Point of hat to New York Times! It has started a trend.
    Now I am only hoping that South China Morning Post would do the same thing:P

  2. kempton says:

    That seems to be the world trend. I agree that it will be great if South China Morning Post will go free too. And I also Apple Daily will go free for overseas readers.

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