The Selling Game

Just watched The Selling Game video online via CBC Doc Zone. (note: I watched the last part on TV and was really happy to catch the rest online.) Here is some info about the show,

The Selling Game is the story of an advertising industry in crisis having to ramp up its performance to keep up with moving targets. It is about an endless game of audience hide-and-seek, and the creative and outrageous new tools the industry is using to seduce consumers.

[…] It’s a bizarre new world of persuasion. The Selling Game takes a High Definition tour from New York to Silicon Valley, to a tiny cheese factory in England, to get to the bottom of it all… Give us an hour of attention, and we’ll see that you never look at ads the same way again. Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. Honest.

The documentary is really well made. Highly recommended. The show website even links you to some informative resources.

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