Valerie Plame – No Ordinary Spy

CBS aired an informative story about Valerie Plame, last night. What the US government did to her (destroying a 18-year and carefully built cover and associated assets) was inexcusable and deeply troubling.

Most people have heard the name Valerie Plame. Now, she tells her side of the story: how she worked undercover at the CIA until a newspaper columnist published her name. Plame, and her husband Joseph Wilson, a former U.S. Ambassador, believe her name was leaked in retaliation for his public criticism of the White House over the Iraq War. Katie Couric has the exclusive interview with Valerie Plame Wilson.


2 Responses to Valerie Plame – No Ordinary Spy

  1. mia says:

    The best commentary I read was written back in March. I highly recommend anyone interested in this issue and wants to try and look at without political spin read

  2. kempton says:

    Thanks for your feedback. When someone risk his/her life in service for a country, the person shouldn’t expect anything close to what happened to Ms. Plame.

    – Kempton

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