New chat with Atomic Tea’s Jessica & Russell Bohrson (Post-Dragons’ Den)

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I’ve planned for months to do a post-Dragons’ Den interview with the Jessica and Russell and I am glad I waited for four more days after they pitched *atomic on national TV on Monday. (See my chat with them four months ago here.) I am glad because I was able to get a sense of how people feel after they watched the *atomic pitch. And I ended up asking the Jessica and Russell some of the questions raised by a few Dragons’ Den forum commentators.

For example, I asked how do they feel about the controversies about their deal being drastically changed by one of the dragon? To me, their answers showed great maturity and the ability to look at the big piture.

I also asked them about people saying stuff like “bubble tea is nothing new“. Again, they gave a very insightful answer. Watch how they explain in their own words. [Hint: Will you say the multi-billion Starbucks is copying the business of coffee?]

Here are some tidbits of information and observation that you might find interesting (well, I certainly did),

  1. 2-atomic — Do you know that their store phone number in Calgary 228-6642 actually spells out 2-atomic ? Isn’t that cool? (Just match it to your telephone keypad and you will see.) And they got this number for free because the previous owner of this number was using it as an infrequently used smart ring and was really kind. Incidentally, as a return favour (and a karma thing), Jessica bought them a small gift to say thank.
  2. ArleneArlene has visited their store, tried the drinks, and she loves it. Jessica and Russell have also visited Arlene’s Calgary office and really admire the hard working and nice Dragon.
  3. Kiosk — To get a kiosk for *atomic, they actually went to get help from some industrial design students at University of Calgary to make the kiosk easier to use and more ergonomic. On the big scheme of things, this may be a small thing. At the same time, this is paying attention to details (like the phone number 2-atomic). Attention to details is something that is integral with what I call “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence“.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy the video chat (click to view in larger window) as much as I in talking to the wonderful and hard working Jessica and Russell. (Join their Facebook group here.)

(note: Jessica and Russell will appreciate very much if any Dragons’ Den or *atomic fans can post *atomic’s Dragons’ Den pitch on YouTube.)

5 Responses to New chat with Atomic Tea’s Jessica & Russell Bohrson (Post-Dragons’ Den)

  1. Rick nisbett says:

    I watched your presentation on the Dragons Den and was disheartened that you were grossly cheated by the Dragons. I was wishing that you would walk away and find more honorable and less arrogant partners . The Dragons will never give away over 50% no matter what the product is and they just proved it. I agree that they say it will take probably more money but the Dragons knowledge isnt worth25% and controlling interest .
    Iwish you well and hope they dont do anymore damage to your company?
    Also can you send me info on a franchise for the atomic tea,

    Thx Rick

  2. kempton says:

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    First of all, I should clarify that *atomic Tea is Jessica and Russell’s business, not mine. I only wish I play a part in their business success but I haven’t and don’t at the moment.

    Now, if you’ve watched the video interview, you will see I’ve asked Jessica and Russell about how they feel. And they were quite level headed and don’t feel cheated by the Dragons.

    If you are interesting in franchise opportunities, feel free to visit their website and send them an email.

    Best Regards,

  3. John Sung says:

    Hahahah, you actually ripped off the dragons. This product is from Asia from 15 years ago. Vancouver and Toronto has hundreds of these BUBBLE TEA stores already. Calgary is probably very behind in the times for them to only start having this product. This concept will not grow from this one store.

  4. kempton says:

    Hi John,

    The entrepreneurs have never sold their store concept as a brand new one. What they bring in is a new way to execute their ideas and the presentation, etc.


  5. Deb and Bob says:

    Jessica and Russell;
    We actually think you two got an amazing deal with “The Dragons”. Come on, having them involved gives you instant public awareness.
    Congratulations! Offer well presented.
    Deb and Bob

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