What’s Atomic Tea taste like?

Today, while I was waiting to chat with Dragons’ Den entrepreneurs Jessica and Russell (here is my video interview with them), I decided to interview some *atomic customers and let them tell you their choices of *atomic tea and may be address one common CBC Dragons’ Den forum question from outside of Calgary — What’s Atomic Tea taste like?

These interviews are uncut and unedited, and the customers were free to say how they feel. Overall, they quite like the taste of *atomic tea.

Nadine and Flora were my first interview subjects, and they were nice to agree to the interview and let me walk from outside of the store to interview them to add a bit of cinema and context. (smile)

And then I chatted with Calgarians Tony, Jenny, Angel, and Richard.

Next I chatted with some visiting guests from Northern Ontario John, Marty, and their son (I missed his name due to some background noise).

Finally, I chatted with one of the biggest fan of *atomic Tina (she has been a loyal customers for 21.5 months). Her story is especially interesting as, I think, it illustrates part of the operating philosophy of *atomic.

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