Updating Steven N. S. Cheung on Wikipedia

I’ve read the influential Chinese economist Steven Cheung for close to 20 years now and have blogged about him for over a year. See my recent entries here, here, and here, plus an earlier entry here.

I am happy and excited to share with you the following self-explaining note I posted in the discussion area of the Steven Cheung Wikipedia entry,

Oct. 2007 expansion and update

I’ve talked and dreamt about updating Prof. Cheung’s entry for quite a few months now. And I finally found some needed help to start this project.

For the next while, a volunteer team consisting of (in alphabetical order) Angela, Aries, Wallace, and myself (Kempton) are going to expand on and update this Wikipedia entry about Prof. Cheung. Our plan is to edit “often” to include our intermediate updates. We will try our best to provide references and notes as best as we can. But please note that some updates will be “work-in-progress” and as such will be a bit incomplete.

Thanks for your understanding during this renovation period.


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