Links for 2007-10-15

  1. Paul Krugman has an interesting piece about Executive Stock Options
  2. Free Speech – Judge Posner’s reply – love this quote, “… So assuming the same mean IQ for the two genders, there are more male geniuses and male morons than there are female geniuses and female morons.” [note: emphasis mine] – Very nicely put here! Just so I am clear, I am aware of the bias in the measuring of IQs.
  3. 150+ TED Talks – In no particular order, I highly recommend watching 5, 12, 13, 16, and 152. They are all very good.
  4. Greater income inequality implies globalization is not working? Nobel economist Becker disagrees
  5. Networked Journalism Summit follow up – lots of good info. (video and audio to follow later)
  6. Prof. Larry Lessig lectures on democracy [via Sacred Facts] – I will definitely check out this video when I find some time.
  7. Prof. Lessig’s Corruption Lecture and Corruption Interview (short version)
  8. More Google Brass Head for the Exits [via John B.]

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