Sunday Brunch at Delta Calgary South

Went to Delta Calgary South for Sunday Brunch after the yearly CIBC Run for the Cure last week. I had my camera and decided to be a self-appointed food critic again.

1) The two salads were great and very refreshing. The salad on the left – The raspberry sauce was not too sour nor too sweet, just right and perfectly mixed with the nuts and dry raspberries. On the right – The cucumbers, cheeses (can you tell what type of cheese is it?), tomatoes with light vinegar was very tasty and the texture worked well together.

2) Shrimp, smoked salmon, potato salad — The Shrimps were good, tasty and not over-cooked. The smoked salmon was just wonderful and closed to a lightly smoked salmon sashimi. Job well done. The creamy potato salad was well made as well.

3) Roast lamb, mussel, potato bits, sausages, egg benedict — The roast lamb was nicely done (soft and tender) but it must have been left out for too long and it was a bit cold. The heat lamp was just not doing its job in keeping the meat warm/hot. The lamb would have tasted much better if it was warm/hot. The mussels remain one of my favourite dish at Delta as the mussels were cooked to perfection as usual (overcooked mussels just taste awful and undercooked mussels can get you sick quickly). Now, the sauce was a bit on the sweet side this time around for some reason. The potato bits and sausages were pretty standard and nice.

Now, one dish I have a special place in my heart is eggs Benedict. Unfortunately, Delta messed up my beloved eggs Benedict very badly that morning. The poached eggs were over-cooked for most of them. And the English muffin was so hard on the outside that my knife couldn’t cut through! The inside of the English muffin was too soggy! To me, the quality of a basic dish like eggs Benedict tells a lot about the care in a kitchen. Just my 2 cents.

4) The dessert — The chocolate moose on the top left of the picture was disappointing. It was a bit too thick and the surface was a bit dry (possibly an indication of it sitting out for too long). The other cakes and fruits were good but nothing special. As an aside, one of the best dessert creation I had was a bite size raspberry moose on a paper-thin handmade chocolate cup at Fairmont Banff Springs. I will only admit to having three of them in a roll !

5) Unclean dishes — I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. But there is simply no excuse for having dishes that are not totally clean. (I actually found 4-5 dishes with marks of left over food stuff last Sunday.) Why there are no excuse of having unclean dishes?1) Well, let me list three reasons. the dish washing machines should have cleaned the dishes in the first place. 2) When the staff take the dishes out, they should have noticed some and take those away. 3) As the staffs walked by the dishes, the dirty ones should have been picked out and sent back for cleaning. 4) Finally, when any staff sees even one single unclean dish in a stack of supposed clean dishes, shouldn’t there be a chat with the cleaning staff?

6) Concluding thoughts — I love food and enjoy sharing about the good and bad experiences I had. (See my previous blog entry about my “Death by chocolate” experience at Fairmont Palliser.) The Delta Calgary South used to be a Best Western hotel but was acquired by Delta (which is now wholly-owned by Fairmont). It has undergone a substantial renovation and the quality of food improved with price increase to match ($27 per person).

There are some improvements that should cost Delta nothing to achieve — clean dishes (ensure the dish washing machine works and check the dishes more often) and having the food/dessert maintained at the right temperature (hot food should be hot, cold food/dessert should be cold).

Overall, I will rate my Sunday Brunch at the Delta Calgary South a 8/10. I know it can be better. Since I will definitely go back to Delta, it will be fun and exciting to see if the hotel decides to get on a journey of “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence“.

Am I asking too much from Delta Calgary South? I think not as I see some good potentials for improvements. Just my 2 cents.

2 Responses to Sunday Brunch at Delta Calgary South

  1. Nadia Libycz says:

    Please let me know via e-mail as to what does your Sunday brunch consist of? Do we require reservations and if so how far in advance do we book? How much is sunday brunch per person?

  2. kempton says:


    As I was just reviewing Delta’s Sunday brunch and don’t actually work for them, your best bet is to contact Delta directly for the information you required.

    I haven’t been there recently and would appreciate if you can leave your feedback if you do decide to try them out.

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