Interviews with 2007 Calgary International Film Festival Filmmakers

For this year, I started a brand new Calgary International Film Festival filmmakers interview series on my blog. Here is a list of the interviews that I’ve done.

  1. Chat with Matt Palmer – Director and Producer of “Letters From Litein”
  2. Chat with Corey Lee – Director and Producer of “What You’re Ready For”
  3. Chat with Ian Day & Ryan Rollinson – Filmmakers of “Chairman”
  4. Chat with David Paperny – Director of “Confessions of an Innocent Man”
  5. Chat with Robert Cuffley – Director of “Walk All Over Me”
  6. Chat with Werner Walcher – Director of “River of Life”
  7. Chat with Albert Nerenberg – Director of “Let’s All Hate Toronto”
  8. Chat with Simon Dekker – Director of “A search for meaning”
  9. Chat with Jason Hoehn – Director of “Pegwarmers: The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth”
  10. Chat with Sharron Bates – Director of “Strong Coffee: The Story of Cafe Feminino”
  11. Chat with Tony Papa – Director of “WordLoveWorldLove”
  12. Young Samantha & Daren’s Letters from Kenya
  13. River of Life – post screening chat with Werner Walcher
  14. Let’s All Hate Toronto – pre-screening chat with Rob Spence and Albert Nerenberg
  15. Children who work – post-screening chat with Larry Giesbrecht
  16. Chat with Mike McKeown – Director of “Rock Paper Scissors” – Winner of 2007 People’s Choice Award

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