Rock Paper Scissors – world premiere

I usually plan my festival films ahead of time but I always leave room for the possibilities of wonderful discoveries. Well, director Mike McKeown‘s “Rock Paper Scissors” (RPS) is a great documentary that I discovered and had a good time watching. I expected a fun to watch documentary (how can a film about RPS be *not* fun?), and the film delivered. What I had not expected was the insights into the different characters appearing in the film, especially the Walker brothers (Douglas & Graham) – founders of the World RPS Society.

On the surface, it may be easy to just laugh at the idea of even having a World RPS Society! But if you look closer at the passion and energy that Doug and Graham bring into the game of RPS and the various events, and most importantly the fun that the game brings to all players, then you can appreciate why I have a big smile on my face after I watched the film. I am laughing and smiling *with* Doug and Graham. I highly recommend this film if you get a chance to watch it or buy a copy of the DVD.

For now, you can check out a trailer of the documentary “Rock Paper Scissors“,

By the way, before the film starts, the MCs (the wonderful CityTV hosts Dave Kelly and Tara McCool) treated the audiences to a massive game of Rock Paper Scissors where every audiences played against Tara in a group format. The following video capturing the last moments of this massive game (sorry for the rather dark images but I am pretty sure you can still feel the energy and fun),

If you are curious, I found this link to another short doc at the World RPS Society. website featuring some of the characters appearing in the documentary”Rock Paper Scissors“.


Oct 2nd Update: “Rock Paper Scissors” has been awarded the 2007 Calgary International Film Festival People’s Choice Award.

4 Responses to Rock Paper Scissors – world premiere

  1. Great to meet you last night. Appreciate the nice write up. Have fun with the rest of the festival. i will keep checking out your write ups.

  2. kempton says:

    Hi Graham,

    It is wonderful to see what you and Doug are able to create with you passion. You show us how to turn an idea big and also how to have fun. I really love the purity in your hearts and staying true to your vision.


    P.S. It is wonderful to see supportive girl friends/wives besides you and Doug. I am lucky to have a supportive better half besides me as well.

  3. Lisa Walker says:

    Kempton, what a lovely thing to say, thanks!


  4. kempton says:

    Hi Lisa,

    We need more people like Doug and Graham to create and bring joy to the world. At times, it is easy to lose sight and do things just for financial gains (not that there is anything wrong with money). To me, Doug and Graham really have the hearts of gold and I hope they will do great with RPS as they deserve the rewards.

    It is just wonderful to see your support and Graham’s girl friend’s (now wife) support, as I am sure without you two great ladies, their journey would have been a much more difficult and challenging one.

    – Kempton

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