The Red Shoes – binge classic movie watching

I am a closet dance and ballet lover! The graceful and seemingly effortless moves that dancers can make with their bodies just delight me to no ends. So it was my great pleasure to discover The ArchersThe Red Shoes. The story is very engaging to watch (very nice script) and the dance sequences are just wonderful to watch.

Here is a YouTube clip of The Red Shoes,

Incidentally, I’ve learned to love films by The Archers team (Powell and Pressburger) including I Know Where I’m Going! It is a beautiful and romantic film. Highly recommended. (Spoiler ending of the film on YouTube, I am including it so it can remind me the wonderful path the film takes to get me to the end. The ending will not have the impact if you haven’t watched the film.)

As an aside, I also really enjoy Robert Altman‘s The Company – a film starring Neve Campbell who “began her career as a ballet dancer, having been a student at Canada’s National School of Ballet [starting at age nine!]“.

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