Outdoor game – Geo-caching

Geocaching - Travel Bear Bug

This past Labour Day long weekend, a group of us had some great fun playing this out door game call geo-caching. Our friend Cher introduced us to this really neat game that uses a GPS receiver with printed hints to play.

Because there were many geo-muggles (smile) around our first cache (Eau Claire Mini Cache), we had to be careful and not to spoil the fun for other players or let geo-muggles take the cache away by chance.

The bear in bottom right corner is a Travel Bug we found at a different cache site waiting to be rescued and travel to its next destination. Leave me a comment/message if you are interested to free this bear and bring it on your next trip.


Sept 5 Update: On advice of our resident geo-caching expert Cher, two out of four of my original pictures revealed too much information for the cache location! Oops. They have now been deleted. I guess it pays to read a post early. (smile)

If you want to find the bear, you may be able to find it at this cache location assuming it has not been rescued already.


2 Responses to Outdoor game – Geo-caching

  1. Bruin47 says:

    Hi, I’m Bruin47, the owner of Daddy Ice Travel Bug. Please can I ask you to Blur or cover-up the tracking number in this photo and delete it from the title because a lot of people are using it to log that they have found it while they haven’t been anywhere near the cache he’s in which is currently in the Bahamas. Many Thanks,

    • kempton says:

      Bruin47, Sorry to see cheaters spoil their own fun. The old pix with the id has been removed and replaced with a new pix without the id. Hope it works better.

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