Starbucks: A cup should never be half empty

In this three part series about customer services, I want to end on a positive note after talking about Coke and then my friend’s bad dinning experience at Cilantro.

This positive experience actually started as a bad experience at a Starbucks. My better half had to wait for like 10 minutes until she got her Coffee Frappuccino. She didn’t complain but the Starbucks employee just gave her this card for a free Starbucks product for her next visit. May be the employees in this Starbucks are nicer or better trained but we appreciate the gesture. By the way, we don’t know if this is a new program as we had waited for longer at a different Starbucks and have never seen the card before.

It truly takes a special company to turn a bad customer experience into a positive one, how can I not love and respect it?

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  1. […] Starbucks: A cup should never be half empty. […]

  2. letters says:

    That’s a nice gesture on the part of Starbucks. Now if they could only do something about the paper cups and what’s in them. ;-)
    Not a fan of them. I guess living in Europe you get a bit spoiled.
    Hi Ian,

    Yeah, it was not only a nice gesture, it makes good business sense too.

    Fortunate for me, I can’t tell the difference between good and bad coffee. And you, living in Europe, are spoiled with good coffee indeed.

    – K

  3. Janine says:

    Starbucks seems to have it together. I haven’t heard of the free coffee for slow service but I’ve definitely received cards for anything wrong with my order. AND they’ve remade the proper order. AND apologized. AND been very polite.
    Hi Janine,

    Cards for anything wrong with an order, nice gesture. Ultimately it is the proper respect of customers that Starbucks shows and some other business seems to lack.

    – Kempton

  4. Sam says:

    Well I live in the UK and I was recently given one of these cards. The reason why isn’t the pleasent to tell, but relates to a “foreign” object in my cup. The barrister remade me a drink, brought it over for me and handed me a card. Seems fair to me but the experience did put me for Starbucks coffee slightly.

    • kempton says:

      Yikes, “foreign” object in a cup is never good thing. :)

      Customer service is a very important thing these days. I was thinking of writing a new entry about customer service again soon. Stay tune.

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