Love is everywhere – I heart HK – Entrepreneurial Ribbons Old Lady

Since becoming a big fan of Kevin Roberts‘ concept of Lovemark, I seem to see Love everywhere and every company seems to want our love!

Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong’s home carrier, is having a “100 Reasons We Love Hong Kong” promotional campaign to give away 1,000 plane tickets.

=== If I were to enter, I may use something like this ===

To me, this little entrepreneurial old lady represents what I love about Hong Kong. She has the tiniest stall with hundreds of colourful ribbons packed up to the ceiling to provide the widest selection of ribbons to her customers.

The first year I saw her at her Pottinger Street (known locally as Stone Slab Street) stall I took this wonderful picture. Afterward, I tried to give her some money (something like HK$20, which is less than US$3) for her to buy some snacks or fruits but she refused. So I ended up buying some ribbons from her. She wanted no hand out but making an honest living.

Since then, when I visit Hong Kong, I always try to visit her tiny little ribbon stall to buy some ribbons from her as my way of showing my love to her and to the Hong Kong entrepreneurial spirit.

P.S. I hope the little old lady is well taken care of in her old age (by her years of hard work and her families). Hopefully doing this to earn some pocket money and pass time. Of course, I am not naive enough to overlook the many elders in Hong Kong who have to work to put food on their tables.

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A YouTube video about the movie Love Actually here (I love the beginning minute).


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  1. naomilovxx says:

    Hey, thats a really nice picture. As I’m from Hong Kong, I think the same way as well. The old people of Hong Kong are surely happy + nice people! That ribbon store looks pretty awsome too.
    Peace :]

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