2007 Canada Day Cake – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

2008 Canada Day Update: Calgary Fireworks will be hosted by the City of Calgary from the Municipal Building at dusk, about 10:30pm. For more information, click here.


My hunch is there will be some great pastries coming from Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. I love food and I don’t give my praises easily. So, before I explain the reasonings of my praise, let me share some videos of the staff distributing the cakes with some lovely piano music in the background on that beautiful Canada Day.

Introducing the 2007 Canada Day Cake – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

You see, my reasonings are based on a chat with Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise‘s new executive pastry chef Glenn Chang, a pastry chef trained in Holland in the European tradition and with 20+ years experiences. Here is my interview of Glenn before the cake cutting.

Here is the interview after I had a chance to taste the wonderful cake.

On top of these two interviews, Glenn and I chatted for another 5-10 minutes about food and pastry, etc. I mentioned my passion for good food and I even shared with Glenn a bit of my less than satisfied “Death by Chocolate” experience at Fairmont Palliser in Calgary.

You see, the fact that Fairmont hired Glenn, I assumed automatically that Glenn is a competent pastry chef with great qualifications and references. What separates him from others on that day during our brief chat was him telling me what were some of the areas he could improve on the cake. When everyone was enjoying his creation, Glenn was focusing on improvements for the next time. And that is a mark of what I call the “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence“. The pursuit of excellence is a journey, and I sense (hopefully rightly) that Glenn is one of those that takes the pursuit of excellence very seriously. Which is why I hope and expect great pastries from Chateau Lake Louise under the guidance and leadership of Glenn.

Note: After my “Roast goose at Yung Kee – Relentless Pursuit of Excellence” blog entry, this is my second food related blog entry with the words “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence” at the end. My plan is to reserve these words of praises to those worthy ones. I hope I made the right call in this case.

Now, Glenn, feel free to invite me and my better half to Chateau Lake Louise to sample and try out some of your various creations. (big smile, Did I just try to invite myself to some great pastries?? smile) While I can’t promise positive reviews but we will share with you our fair and honest feedback from the food lovers’ prospective.


One Response to 2007 Canada Day Cake – Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise – Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

  1. Jean says:

    OH I am envious; the cake sounds delicious!

    Hubby and I also had a cake for the weekend (tho we finished it the day before the Canada Day). :)

    It was a new patisserie. There were 3 kinds of cake available on that day. A caramel apple cheesecake, a mango mousse cake and a tiramisu. All nicely decorated and the chef seemed to be particular fond of using chocolate for decoration. We asked the chef if any of them had “spirits” (i.e. alcohol) in them, and the chef said, “They all have a little.” and then we found out that the tiramisu had the most shots. That’s the one we tried.

    I make tiramisu as well, and I used lots of different spirits and I don’t use them “sparingly”! The 6″ cake was $18. Hubby already tuned my expectation down about the “spirits”.

    How did we find it? The cocoa powder on the top was dark and fine. The chef used chocolate thins around the cake and they were ok. There was a strawberry, halved, stuck on cake’s top with cream – that I would skip if the strawberry wasn’t full red. The side of the cake sat a “swan” – cream-puff – it looked ok. There were 3 blueberries in the cream. I only picked that out to eat and left the cream – it was all hardened.

    Re: the taste of the cake: well, honestly, I didn’t taste any spirit at all… The edge of the cake was a little staled (hardened) which I was fairly disappointed… we didn’t eat it the day we bought it; but that still shouldn’t be that staled. I did think the chef used mascarphone and fresh cream (not cream cheese) but I think there’s too much fresh cream.

    I asked my hubby, “Was my tiramisu better?” He said assertively, “OF COURSE!”. :) Then I said I’d try a different cake next time. And he said, “Huh, still want to go back for a second attempt?” “Yes”, I said, “perhaps I am so good at making tiramisu; we should try something else which I don’t make.”

    Some day, I’d like to open my own patisserie. For now, I can only do tiramisu and shortbread cookies. And I don’t care about fancy decor, so that’s a no-no if it’s commercial. Hence that day won’t be too sooooon… go on dreaming…

    Hello Jean,

    Thanks for your feedback. Hope you do open up your own patisserie one day. Good patisserie is hard to come by. I had experiences with paying top dollar and getting a cake that is harden on the outside and edge, so I understand your disappointment.


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