Escape of The Cotton Candy – Lovemark & Sisomo

Escape of The Cotton Candy” was captured live in one take. No edit. No help from the Cotton Candy man. No tricks nor special effects.

Here is a video showing Cotton Candy as a Lovemark (my extended definition and what a Lovemark is in this case) – Sensuality (Sight), Intimacy (Sound, Taste), Mystery (Motion, Emotion, & Magic).

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Note: It is no surprise to anyone that I love the idea of Lovemark but I just can’t say the same about Sisomo. I used the words Sight, Sound, Motion (Si-So-Mo, sisomo) in this post. But somehow I just felt no connection to sisomo at all. May be it was just too uniform or neat to coin the new word “sisomo“. Sorry Kevin, I hope you will forgive me for not reading the sisomo book and for my jumping into conclusion here.

P.S. As part of the research for this post, I found a Tess (Trademark Electronic Search System) record for Lovemark but none for sisomo (which I thought would be easier to register since sisomo is a new word). May be sisomo doesn’t have its “first use in commerce” date yet?


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