DemoCampCalgary2 Report

We’ve done it! We had a successful DemoCampCalgary2 on the evening of 26th June, 2007. Thanks to everyone that helped and come!!! Sarah, Ms. Blue, you are a life-saver. (big thanks) We had great demos and then a nice chat at the UC student pub – The Den. All in all a great camp.

Now if you missed the event, we have four videos for you to catch up on Google Video.

Please feel free to link to this report or the videos to spread the words on DemoCampCalgary. And please start signing up for DemoCampCalgary3, because of room availability (the room is not available in Sept due to school term), the current tentative date is Aug 30th, 6-8pm.

DemoCampCalgary #2, Demo #1 – Renoworks: Doug Vickerson

DemoCampCalgary #2, Demo #2 – Curve Dental: Matt Dorey

DemoCampCalgary #2, Demo #3 – MOBY Pages: Sami Khan

DemoCampCalgary #2, Demo #4 – Jetstream Media: Jeff Bradshaw

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