Recharging my brain with books

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Well, after highly recommending Bill Buxton’s “Sketching User Experiences” to a new acquaintance/friend Dale Herigstad, I felt that I should pick up a copy to read too. Now, I can’t let my friend learn new things while I sit idly by. (ok, just kidding. Dale is an expert in user experiences design. I am just reading the book for fun.) You can see a book review on and check out this collection of comments.

While ordering Bill’s book online, the cheapskate in me got enticed by the free shipping offer and decided to pay a few more loonies to also pick up “The Brain that Changes itself“, a book about “Neuroplasticity” told through “fascinating personal narratives“. See the insightful International Herald Tribune review of the book.

Finally, a new friend has recently started working for an online bookshelf company and asked for book recommendations. Well, I think these two books will complement her book selection well. I think all she now needs is a book or two by Richard Feynman (e.g. this one, or this one) to complete her latest book selection. (smile)

3 Responses to Recharging my brain with books

  1. A says:

    Thank you, Kempton!
    I will go get them from library after work–before my student card expires.
    Take care!
    Dear A,

    It is my pleasure. The Feynman books are great and easy read. The two main books should be insightful and cutting edge stuff at the same time. And I hope you will like them as well.

    Take care,

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