Interviews by Kempton at nextMEDIA and BWTVF

One thing I enjoyed a lot at nextMEDIA and Banff World TV Festival was all the interviews that I was able to conduct with the world leaders of new media and TV industry to pick their brains. I would like to thank them again for sharing a few minutes of their time with me.

I hope you will enjoy the following interviews as much as I in conducting them,

  1. Jane Mote, Director of Life Style, UKTV
  2. Vicky Taylor, Editor, Interactivity, BBC Television
  3. Dale Herigstad, Chief Creative Officer, Schematic
  4. Greg Goodfried, Co-creator and Executive Producer, Lonelygirl15
  5. Dawn Airey, Director of Global Content, ITV

P.S. I worked real hard to get every one of these interviews. And I promise to work even harder to get you more interviews next year. Of course, once I am more established as a blogger/reporter, I hope the interviewees will be more willing in granting me interview time slots. This year I ended up just waiting patiently after their speeches and hope I could get an interview. This year, after lots of wait and determination, I was “lucky” 50% of the time. (big smile)


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