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Banff World TV Festival

As I wrote in a previous post, I met the Hong Kong entrepreneur Paul Lam (no relation to me) from at nextMEDIA and Banff World TV Festival. What interests me the most in this case is that his company’s technologies are sitting at the intersection of both sides of my interests — TV and patent protected technologies.

A quick Google found that the Korean entrepreneur Park Hyun-je is both the CEO of and also co-inventor of some of its patent applied technologies. For the patent geeks (like me) out there, here are two of zooin’s patent applications (see submitted patents) for your reading pleasure,

  1. Method of intermediating multicasting signal for multicasting embodiment – US patent application number 20040073612
    • “[0002] The present invention relates to a multicasting technological field of an internet broadcasting system, and more particularly to a multicasting relaying method to achieve a multicasting under a modem environment utilizing a digital subscriber line (xDSL) and a public switch telephone network (PSTN) and a recording mechanism that can read a program to achieve the aforementioned method with a computer.”
  2. Method and system for virtual multicast networking – US patent application number 20050076207
    • “[0001] The present invention relates to a multicasting technology in an Internet broadcasting system; and, more particularly, to a virtual multicast networking method for establishing a multicast network without changing existing routers or switches on the Internet, and a system thereof.”

My regular readers may remember that I mentioned in a previous blog entry when reviewing a TV show that,

And thanks to “2165 The Best Mode Requirement” of the MPEP, the patent is required to disclose the “best mode” to make this device thus making the patent an interesting read. (smile)

Have fun as I am sure I will when I get around to read up on them a little.


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