The mystery of ideas Vacuum

This is the current (as of June 16, 2007) title sequence for ideas Vacuum Production, the tiny TV and film production arm of ideas Revolution. I haven’t changed this sequence since I created it for my first documentary “Long Hair Revolution” which was aired in 2005 in Calgary International Film Festival.

If you watch and listen to the title sequence carefully and recognize the appropriate facts, you will notice some hidden bits of information. Watch it once and see how many of these hidden facts can you identify? I am going to tell you these fun facts after the video. Enjoy.

*** You need to highlight the following text to see the hidden fun/neat facts. ***

1) the beeps are the word “ideas” in morse code <== highlight text to reveal hidden “neat” fact
2) the word ideas are _always_ in lower case when used as part of the brand (or Lovemark) <== hidden “neat” fact
3) the vacuum is my favourite brand a Dyson <== hidden “neat” fact
4) I took a picture of a light bulb and photoshopped it into hundreds of pieces and lit it up. After all, I am dealing with ideas, not a single idea. (smile) <== hidden “neat” fact
5) I love flowers so I added a rose <== hidden “neat” fact

P.S. I post this entry because I now have uploaded 28 YouTube videos and 75 Google videos. And I am likely the only one that has any idea of the above “hidden facts”. And even those that recognize these facts, I am most likely to be the only person that find them “fun” or “neat“.

P.P.S. You are not alone if you recognize that the word “Vacuum” is too closely related to the word “suck”. But then I really like the goal of “ideas Vacuum” sucking up many of the great ideas and turning them into great stories.

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