The mystery of ideas Revolution


I have waited for a while to tell you the story of ideas Revolution. In fact, may be we are still too early to have a “story” to tell. Anyway, I will start the ball rolling by telling you 8 things about ideas Revolution that you may not know about.

  1. My uncle helped me out by writing the Chinese words for “ideas Revolution” in his beautiful Chinese Calligraphy (he teaches Chinese Calligraphy). I had the specific style he used written on a piece of paper which I unfortunately lost. So I can’t be 100% sure of the style used. The words look closest to Seal Script but I don’t think they are.
  2. In around 2000 (?) and definitely before the tech bubble burst, I was offered US$5,000 for the domain name which I rejected. And then the bubble burst and I let the domain name registration expired because I wasn’t using it actively. How cheap can I be? (Very cheap. smile.) I only picked up the domain name again last year as I am ready to use it and take it out for a spin. It has been fun so far as all the branding and Lovemark-building efforts have been working according to my plan.
  3. At one point, I had a NUANS search done to lock up the name ideas Revolution federally in Canada for 30 days. At the end, I didn’t go ahead with starting the company “officially”. Which has ended up saving me thousands of dollars and hours of time in filing the needed government corporate and tax returns if I had incorporated federally.
  4. My love of ideas may have started from my friend Kevin Roberts‘ beautiful and insightful quote, “ideas are the currency of the future“. My first ever business cards (all 500 of them) have the attributed quote, “‘Ideas are the currency of the future.’ – Kevin Roberts” printed at the bottom. Incidentally, I once actually saw this exact same quote used by someone on his business card without proper attribution to Kevin as if the quote was coined by this person. My education and upbringing doesn’t allow that kind of “borrowing” therefore I ended up needing to explain a few times why on earth I have a quote printed on my card. For this great quote, it was worth every explanation that I had to give. (smile)
  5. Now you see it is not an accident that the TV and film production arm is called ideas Vacuum Production. (smile) In fact, the names of all future divisions of ideas Revolution will have the word “ideas” in them somewhere.
  6. As Chief ideas Revolutionary I used the personalized license plate — “MYIDEAS” for a while. Then a few years ago, I came to realize the possessive nature of “MY” — “IDEAS“. As a result, I made a paradigm shift to focus on finding great ideas for others. So my personalized plate has been “IDEAS4U” for the last few years. Ultimately, it is the IDEAS” “4” “U (stands for “ideas for You“) that is the key to the success of ideas Revolution.

  7. When I came up with the logo and brand/lovemark of ideas Revolution, I got a “lucky” inspiration and recognized that evolution is part of Revolution. And I have played with this important fact since (notice the red in evolution and the “yellow” in the letter “R“). The yellow is a modified version of the yellow of the dresses worn by Corazon Aquino (see also TIME profile), former president of the Philippines. Aquino was responsible for overthrowing the Marcos government. In my humble opinion, Aquino had a challenging presidency but an admirable post-presidency life. Quoting Wikipedia [emphasis mine], “Following the end of her term, Aquino retired to private life. When she rode away from the inauguration of her successor, she chose to go in a simple white Toyota Crown she had purchased (rather than the government-issue Mercedes), to make the point that she was once again an ordinary citizen.” When you are/were the leader of a country, the symbol and ideal means a lot to the people.
  8. In business school, my MBA class (like many other classes in other b-schools) was taught to appreciate and prefer “great-team with second-rate-ideas” as oppose to “great-ideas with second-rate team“. That might have been true for most regular commercial ventures. But in the realm and the domain of ideas Revolution, I would actually prefer to have “great-ideas with second-rate team“. Why? Because as long as we have revolutionary and great ideas, we can always involve the community, utilize the power of open source and creative commons to create great solutions. After all, if we don’t aim to find and use some great ideas to make the world a better place to live, then what are we saving these great ideas for? It is similar to saving up SEX for Old Age (check out Warren Buffett’s great Q & A), it doesn’t make sense!

Now, if you have read this far and still think that I make some sense. Then may be we think somewhat alike. Please drop me an email. And may be we can work on changing the world together. Trying to make the world a slightly better place to live than we arrive onto this rock. Won’t it be fun?

“Here’s to the crazy ones”
is a timeless Apple Computer advertisement that showcases
the core DNA of ideas Revolutionaries.
We aspire to Think Different

Kevin Roberts got it right,
“ideas are the currency of the future”.

Welcome to ideas Revolution.
– Kempton, Chief ideas Revolutionary


One Response to The mystery of ideas Revolution

  1. A says:

    LOVE the ad!
    It never cease to inspire every time I watch it!
    Dear A,

    Yes, that apple ad is one of the best inspiring ad that I have seen (and I try to see a lot of ads). Since you have read through to the ad, may be you are ready to join “the team” as well? (smile)

    Best Regards,

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