BWTVF: Day 3 – Greg Goodfried Lonelygirl15 interview


Yesterday I wrote a blog entry, “BWTVF: Are you feeling lonely? – Lonelygirl15“. Today, on day 3 of Banff World TV Festival 2007, I had a great video interview with Greg before his 9am panel discussion. I hope you will enjoy the video as much as I in interviewing Greg. And Greg has some encouraging words for the aspiring content producers out there. Great stuff.

Greg Goodfried (co-creator & exec producer of LG15) presents at nextMEDIA 2007

Greg Goodfried (Lonelygirl15) at nextMEDIA 2007


June 14: Thanks for featuring this interview at LG15 Today. I hope your readers and viewers will enjoy the interview.

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  3. lg15today says:

    Very informative. Thanks!
    Hi lg15today,

    Thanks for your kind feedback. I appreciate your blog featuring the interview and Greg’s kind help in making this interview possible.


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