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Well, I used to be totally against the whole idea of Lonelygirl15. And I have written a blog entry call “The Lonelygirl15 Vaccine – Lessons learned” that was quite critical of Lonelygirl15.

Now that was before I met and listened to a well delivered presentation (but may be a bit too detailed/technical for TV execs?) given by Greg Goodfried (co-creator and executive producer of LG15) at nextMEDIA and Banff World TV Festival 2007. (note: I have already posted my video interview with Greg. And I will have a separate blog entry about Greg’s presentation when I get around to writing it.)

I am impressed by Greg’s presentation and the thoughts that they had put behind all aspect of the LG15 experience (down to the way they poll their viewers on how they should make money).

So it will be my great pleasure to interview Greg at 8am MST this morning in 2 hours and 24 minutes (and counting down (smile)).

By the way, the new thinking that Greg and the LG15 team are creating (by trial and error) is precisely the kind of new tool that I, as chief ideas Revolutionary, am acquiring to better equip the tool chest of ideas Revolution.


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