BWTVF: Dawn Airey – Director of Global Content, ITV


Dawn gave an insightful and straight-talking Opening Keynote Address this morning at the Banff World TV Festival 2007. For those that care about the new and old media should pay careful attention to what she said.

By the way, I hope lots of discussions amongst Banff delegates will be generated as a results of this keynote. Will see.

Some people are insightful but seems to only be able to give boring speeches. Some people are insightful and can communicate their deep insight with ease and grace. And Dawn is definitely one of those gifted “ease and grace” presenter/thinker like my friend Kevin Roberts.

Here is a clip from Dawn’s presentation,

Here is my interview with Dawn (sorry for the loud background noise. watch a few times and you should be able to hear every word). Thinking about it, “viewers can become evangelical” may be a good way to describe my love and blog of CBC’s Dragons’ Den.

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