Meeting Hana Gartner and Norman Jewison

When I was in Toronto, I was really lucky one night when I walked to the bus station to go home. As I walked pass Fairmount Royal York, I ran into the amazing Hana Gartner. I told Hana I really enjoy her work in The Fifth Estate and I am also a big fan of hers and CBC. She was a bit surprised and delighted when I told her I am a big fan of CBC Dragons’ Den and actually has come to blog about the show. Hana was very nice and stayed to talk for a minute even her friends tried to rescue her from this stranger fan. Sensing her friends were a distance away, I thanked Hana for the chat and let her catch up to her friends. And I think I overheard her mention something about a super-fan. (smile)

Next, only steps away from where I met Hana, standing alone in the darker part of the street was a gentleman looking just like the great Norman Jewison. So I stopped and asked. He said he is indeed Norman Jewison (in my humble opinion, our national treasure). I had to shake his hand and told him I admire his great works. Sensing he would rather have some quiet time, I left Norman.

You see, I will always stop and say hi to giants like Hana, Norman, and Michael Enright even 10 or 20 years from now. To me, I will always remember and appreciate their great work in my heart. My admirations of them are independent of their popularity level in the main stream world.

By the way, I also ran into some next generation CBCers like George S. (in his biker leather jacket, being cool) and also the wonderful Mark Kelly. Cool as I respect their work. And I would love to have met Evan Solomon.

Note: Both Hana and Norman were likely attending the Canadian Journalism Foundation Tenth Annual Awards Gala 2007 with a Lifetime Achievement Award to Norman Webster.


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