Two things I love but don’t own – Dyson and Lexus


When some people win the impossible lottery, they will buy a boat or travel the world, etc. For me, I am a simple man, I want to get myself a Dyson vacuum cleaner. (big smile)

Wow, getting a vacuum cleaner for winning a lottery! This man is cheap! This must also set a new low for expectations or cravings (I am not a Buddist). (smile) And then I want to get myself a Lexus. (OK, this one makes more sense. (smile)) Talking about cheap, even if I win the lottery, I am still not willing to pay the $5,000-$6,000 for the “this Lexus will parallel park for you” option. Incidentally, my better half will gladly pay without any lottery winnings. (big smile, she is going to kill me if and when she reads this (fortunate for me, she doesn’t read my blog (smile))).

Even I don’t own either, I am perfectly willing to give up your first born so that I can use either for free for a year. Any giver out there? (big smile) By the way, as a relatively new blogger, did I tell you I am easily corrupted too? You give me either one of these, I will say good things about you or your company for a year. Provided I can add a disclaimer saying that I have been bribed. (bigger smile)

Of course, both Dyson and Lexus are my Lovemarks.


3 Responses to Two things I love but don’t own – Dyson and Lexus

  1. Jean says:

    Hey I like these 2 things too! Especially the “parallel park for you” thing. :D For the former (vacuum) I just need to know a neighbour who has this and befriend with; the latter, may I borrow your key… cheers Mate (say it like Johnny Depp, or Captain Jack Sparrow!)
    Hello Jean,

    Yeah, neighbour with a Dyson, I’ve never thought of that. You see, I saw a Dyson at a prop company (one that will arrange free props for moviemakers) and I asked if they will part with the demo. Ah, nice try for me, they said no. (smile)


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