Roast goose at Yung Kee – Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

Yung Kee roast gooseYung Kee

My friend Daisann has a very well written post about roast goose at Yung Kee that makes me dream of being in Hong Kong and having some of its famous goose. You see, Yung Kee has been my favourite restaurant, and Lovemark, for years since my mom’s office is walking distance away from it and its roast geese are truly the best in town (and probably in the world).

Recently I have been blogging about various experiences from the awful (Bell Mobility), awful (NOBU Hong Kong), to the “not good” and in danger of getting to really bad (Death by Chocolate at Fairmont Palliser), and then to the really good (in my post, I think I said world class) (CIBC VISA). But even in the case of CIBC VISA, it is not quite in the class of “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence“. And I think even my beloved Lexus is not quite in the same class as Yung Kee‘s “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence“. Allow me to use an excerpt from Daisann’s post to tell a story and illustrate (emphasis mine),

I remembered that bird flu period. It was a sad time in Hong Kong. You’d enter Yung Kee, and before the grey-haired bespectacled waiter even handed you a menu, he’d be apologizing for the lack of geese. And then he would nod, understandingly, so that his customer would not feel any embarassment or qualms about walking out of the restaurant on the spot. Such honor and candor is rare among restauranteurs. But it is business as usual at Yung Kee. [K: I wonder if the management from Fairmont Palliser are listening?] At a time when the restaurant business in Hong Kong is all about branches, and corporate “groups”, Yung Kee refuses to think about expansion. They won’t open a branch in Canada or the U.S. because you can’t get the right goose there. They won’t even open a “Yung Kee 2” in Hong Kong. [K: It is because of this, my beloved Lexus lost out to Yung Kee. Zero expansion and no compromise.]

The day that goose finally returned to the Yung Kee menu, it made the news in most of Hong Kong’s 12 daily papers. I was traveling in the U.S. at the time, but Joyce called me that day from a taxi stalled in the traffic jam outside the restaurant on Wellington Street: “The goose is back,” she said over the crackling cell phone connection. “ I thought you’d want to know.”

I think Yung Kee is as close to “perfect” as one can get.

My better half sometimes still wonder and ask me — why do I keep on complaining when I see poor services or bad products? To me, this is my way to put my mind on a training program to recognize and demand excellence. To me, “Relentless Pursuit of Excellence” is not simply an ad slogan, it is a way of living and breathing. I hope and wish to see world class services and products. Unfortunately, world class services and products are very few and far between. Thus, little old me trying to help guide some of the “improvable” products, companies, or things toward the dream of excellent (one tiny step at a time).

Mind you, I only complain when I see that there is a chance for improvement, for those hopeless cases and causes, I will simply “move on“.

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  1. lokhin says:

    thanks fur using my photo! i miss that place!
    Hi lokhin,

    Thank you very much for posting your photo in the Creative Commons for others to use.


  2. A says:

    Speaking of service, I think HSBC sucks, big time!
    I can be disorganized sometimes, and once I forgot to pay my bill on time (just one day overdue actually), then this lady called me early in the morning (and I paraphrase):” hello, did you know that you didn’t pay your bill on time? I can do it right away for you, or you can pay it at an ATM.” I thought: great, if she could do it to me then I don’t have to walk all the way to find an ATM. So I asked her to make the transaction, and guess what? In the following bill, they charged me late fee (which I probably deserved it) and service fee for the lady to move her fingers (the thing is that they didn’t tell me they were going to charge me). I called and asked why, the answer given: well, because you are late, and labour cost in HK is damn high.
    Yea, I totally get it.
    Hi A,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your HSBC story.

    I think it is very instructive for me to hear that HSBC had this kind of crappy service. It actually surprised me that they were that mean and nasty to you. “The World Local Bank” now seems like a hollow and superficial slogan. Sucky and mean services like what you experienced is simply totally unacceptable. I guess HSBC just doesn’t care. I will think carefully before I bank with HSBC.

    Mind you, allow to me to sit on the fence a little. (smile) I do know some people who has banked with HSBC for ages and they seemed to like HSBC. But I don’t know if “their liking HSBC” is a hibitual thing, e.g. like people tuning to TVB out of pure habit.

    Any way thanks for sharing your HSBC story with us. Next time, may be try talking to a supervisor and see if they will be flexible? I love to see if HSBC’s supervisors have more Emotional Intelligence and/or Social Intelligence than the agent you talked to.


  3. […] When the time comes, I think I will mostly remember 中環 by my great memories with my elders (長輩) and us young kids (小朋友) I met when I was little via my 中環 connection. I care about the people and was saddened to heard one of the 長輩 had passed away. I’m much less sentimental about things, buildings, and even “good” food like roast goose at Yung Kee (which wasn’t as good as before) . […]

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